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Längtan till Áhkká

The film Längtan till Áhkká/Longing for Áhkká documents a unique story of two blood related Arctic expeditions with a shared goal: to climb Stortoppen, the Áhkká mountain’s highest peak in Stora sjöfallet National Park, Sweden.

In 1921, Arthur Thelin fulfilled his long-lasting dream and participated in the first expedition to Áhkká. In 2021, professional freeskier Magnus Granér decides to repeat the expedition, and follow in his great-grandfather’s tracks.

'Längtan Till Ákká' premiered on cinemas in Stockholm, Luleå, Umeå and Åre in April.

Directed by Gustav Cavallin & Jens Nilsson

Story by Gustav Cavallin, Jens Nilsson & Magnus Granér

Original score by: Teodor Wolgers.


Black Angels

When funeral director Catty and cancer sick Staffan meet for the first time it is to plan Staffans funeral, but soon an unconventional friendship starts to grow. 
Cross-dressing, motorcycles, sisterhood – a tender and vigorous feel good film about how death can inspire life.

Produced by Carbs Film in co-production with SVT & Film i Skåne.
With support from Swedish Film Institute, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Längmanska Kulturfonden, Malmö Stad & Boost HBG.

Original score by: Teodor Wolgers.

'Black Angels' will premiere in the fall of 2022.

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